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Portfolio April 2009.

My portfolio from my three/four years of Commercial (2d) and Digital (3d) Animation education at Capilano University. All of the characters and materials inside are original work (Except the graphic-style Catwoman fanart in the sketchbook section).

Yet more sketches.

My tiefling warrior cleric Sakini. She's a disciplined fighter, vicious and unrelenting. Despite having succubus in her blood, she's adverse to underhanded methods for domination and prefers straight-forward combat.
My character for a faerie-circus-themed story I've been developing for a long time for a comic. I've been modeling some of the characters for my Digital Animation course. This is Penelope, a rabbit pooka, in her circus outfit.
Persephone, a sharpshooting wanderer of the postapolcalyptic wastelands. My Fallout 3 character.

Tieflings love the fresh taste of baby.

More sketches.

Just for fun -- a) random dwarf sweetheart b) Nelani my cyborg medic and c) Vulpecula, my shellshocked Mass Effect character.


Vance, one of the protagonists of an old post-apocalyptic sci-fi egyptian-themed story I've been working on for quite awhile.. Had a general/plot/characters/theme, then fleshed it out in first year of Commercial Animation, haven't really touched it since then. Still finishing up the script, then I'll start working on it, comic-style.

Friend's d&d character.. Actually a gnoll, but uh.. I made him more of a werewolf, heh. ;P

(Left) My black sheep-wood elf druid and friend dark elf necromancer.

Gradbook Pages 2009.