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Weekly Illo #12: Cute & Fluffy

Cute? Fluffy? ... She's the one with the gun.

Weekly Illo #11: Warrior

[geek] Beware the warrior who uses more than just their fists in combat. [/geek]

Weekly Illo #10: ____ VS ____

This is... Kids VS Cat. According to that quiz thing that Singh posted, I can beat 17 5-year old kids in combat. Not quite 17 in this pic, but at least there's a puppy dog added for good measure.

Weekly Illo #9: Explorers

When exploring strange territories, remember your all-terrain suit complete with tubing and oxygen tanks, vials filled with strange liquids, pouches full of useful things, and most important, your map.

Weekly Illo #8: Medieval

Back in medieval times, fauns abounded. This is a mix of pink col-erase (Kinda shows through), markers and photoshop.

Weekly Illo #7: Retro

I don't like catwoman's outfit with the "skullcap" type look.. So I drew her Bruce Timm-ish-style in what I remember of the outfit in that old Batman tv series with Adam West.. I loved that show when I was a kid.

Weekly Illo #6: Robots

Cyborgs are better than robots.

Weekly Illo #5: Funny

It's my roommate. He's funny.

Weekly Illo #4: Steampunk

For steampunk, we have a steampunk-punk... Who, according to people walking by, looks like Jason.

Weekly Illo #3: Circus Freak

So I'd been planning to use characters from an old fledgling comic project to do a burlesque-ish-style travelling faerie circus troupe for my major project... But when I decided to go into 3d in the fall, I wanted to save this to develop for next year instead. In anycase, here's one of the characters.. I also did an earlier version of this character for my maquette & quad animation in first year.