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More Fallout art.

Two more Fallout characters, created by Kettle and pictured here by me.

Art and updates.

So the new website WILL be up and running by the end of the week, really. ;P

Lots of new content will be up there, including a slew of comics and some animation! In the meantime here's some more Fallout-inspired art Celeste Brown, the "welcoming committee" of the rebuilding Grayditch (Celeste is a character created by 'Skirt With A Weapon', not myself), then Vee, the wealthy, vain minimally "advanced" ghoul, and her plastic surgeon assistant Cris, and below, my sharpshooter Persephone Smith finding out a 10mm doesn't cut it all the time.

Cloudscape, Comics, and Loadbearing Looking Glasses.

Been working on another website for a joint creative effort of comics and things with two others... More on that in the next week or so. The idea behind it - 3x people = 3x content, more regular updates, etc etc. And in the spirit of making sense, it's named Loadbearing Looking Glass. Mm hmmmm.. Considering uploading my sketches there instead and dissolving this. We'll see!

Here's some sneak peek artwork for an 11-page short story I'm working on for Cloudscape Comics, a local comic publishing collective. It'll be included in an anthology called Exploded View that'll be out this spring. As it gets closer to completion, I'll be uploading a page per week either here or on the upcoming new site. It's about virtual reality.. Oooooooooh.


Sketch of one of my protagonists for the circus comic, Riordan. He looks smug, but you would too if you were a badass gryphon.


Sketchy portrait of my friend 'cause 'cause. ;D

Portfolio April 2009.

My portfolio from my three/four years of Commercial (2d) and Digital (3d) Animation education at Capilano University. All of the characters and materials inside are original work (Except the graphic-style Catwoman fanart in the sketchbook section).

Yet more sketches.

My tiefling warrior cleric Sakini. She's a disciplined fighter, vicious and unrelenting. Despite having succubus in her blood, she's adverse to underhanded methods for domination and prefers straight-forward combat.
My character for a faerie-circus-themed story I've been developing for a long time for a comic. I've been modeling some of the characters for my Digital Animation course. This is Penelope, a rabbit pooka, in her circus outfit.
Persephone, a sharpshooting wanderer of the postapolcalyptic wastelands. My Fallout 3 character.

Tieflings love the fresh taste of baby.

More sketches.

Just for fun -- a) random dwarf sweetheart b) Nelani my cyborg medic and c) Vulpecula, my shellshocked Mass Effect character.


Vance, one of the protagonists of an old post-apocalyptic sci-fi egyptian-themed story I've been working on for quite awhile.. Had a general/plot/characters/theme, then fleshed it out in first year of Commercial Animation, haven't really touched it since then. Still finishing up the script, then I'll start working on it, comic-style.

Friend's d&d character.. Actually a gnoll, but uh.. I made him more of a werewolf, heh. ;P

(Left) My black sheep-wood elf druid and friend dark elf necromancer.

Gradbook Pages 2009.

Weekly Illo #12: Cute & Fluffy

Cute? Fluffy? ... She's the one with the gun.

Weekly Illo #11: Warrior

[geek] Beware the warrior who uses more than just their fists in combat. [/geek]

Weekly Illo #10: ____ VS ____

This is... Kids VS Cat. According to that quiz thing that Singh posted, I can beat 17 5-year old kids in combat. Not quite 17 in this pic, but at least there's a puppy dog added for good measure.

Weekly Illo #9: Explorers

When exploring strange territories, remember your all-terrain suit complete with tubing and oxygen tanks, vials filled with strange liquids, pouches full of useful things, and most important, your map.

Weekly Illo #8: Medieval

Back in medieval times, fauns abounded. This is a mix of pink col-erase (Kinda shows through), markers and photoshop.

Weekly Illo #7: Retro

I don't like catwoman's outfit with the "skullcap" type look.. So I drew her Bruce Timm-ish-style in what I remember of the outfit in that old Batman tv series with Adam West.. I loved that show when I was a kid.

Weekly Illo #6: Robots

Cyborgs are better than robots.

Weekly Illo #5: Funny

It's my roommate. He's funny.

Weekly Illo #4: Steampunk

For steampunk, we have a steampunk-punk... Who, according to people walking by, looks like Jason.

Weekly Illo #3: Circus Freak

So I'd been planning to use characters from an old fledgling comic project to do a burlesque-ish-style travelling faerie circus troupe for my major project... But when I decided to go into 3d in the fall, I wanted to save this to develop for next year instead. In anycase, here's one of the characters.. I also did an earlier version of this character for my maquette & quad animation in first year.